Troubleshooting Method

Mynordstrom is the official online portal for Nordstrom employees. Suppose you are an existing Nordstrom employee or a new appointee of Nordstrom. In that case, Mynordstrom has associated with Nordstrom’s online employee portal where you can look comfortably complete site and the premium benefits such as Upcoming Work Hours, Past Pay stubs, benefits plans, or a little edition of your profile data or information.

The Mynordstrom online portal has formerly linked with, but, some security restrictions. The main site link has been more secure and redirects to at

Are you having trouble logging in? Here is a complete guide

Technology can be so advanced and faster than our thoughts. For instance, there are some common issues with hardware and software problems that we have sometimes faced. Well, has some quality methods to eliminate these issues quickly. 

  • Before you access the page, please make sure that you are going to visit the URL. Is that correct? You can access it at Otherwise, connect on the direct link:
  • If your credentials aren’t working, check if the employee number and password are correct in the appropriate fields. Make sure that Caps Lock is disabled. Perhaps it accidentally might be on from the user side on the keyboard.
  • If the system does not identify your credentials, you are absolutely a new user and choose the option for “Request password, reset, or forget.”
  • Sometimes, the web browser is the reason for the problem. Don’t forget to remove your cookies and cache and update to the latest version. You can also use an alternate browser or device for this purpose. 
  • You can connect the alternate device, like an A. A. B. A. device, from your mobile phone, computer, or laptop. 
  • Try to use another alternate browser that is usually in your use (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others) and access on through it. 
  • Here are some common issues tips to help you resolve the problems. If you still face difficulties that you cannot fix yourself, I urge you to contact customer support service.